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A complete framework for multiplayer applications

Scalify's Badumna Network Suite utilises a decentralized architecture that eliminates major problems with conventional client-server solutions for multiplayer applications - poor scalability and performance; and high operating costs.

A superior business case for game publishers

"We chose Badumna for Polar Heroes due to the superior scalability and the significant reduction in server and bandwidth requirements that it offers."
Juha Väisänen, CEO Fantastec

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Developed and supported by networking experts

"We are very happy with the product, but more importantly the team. The team has such a great combination of excellent communication, patience, and domain experience."
Dan Castro, Director WishB

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The future of multiplayer networking

"Badumna's mix between traditional client-server and managed peer-to-peer is super interesting and has enormous potential."
Lars "Kroll" Kristensen, Technical Director Unity Studios

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Badumna is a powerful technology suite that helps you create large multi-user applications such as online games and virtual worlds. Badumna uses a unique approach based on a decentralised architecture, rather than client-server.

This provides almost unlimited scalability, better networking performance, lower operating costs and the freedom to design multiplayer applications that were simply not possible before.

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